Mouth ulcers may not be internal pain, but “oral cancer.”

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In addition to the cancer that we often hear about like breast cancer Cervical cancer Prostate cancer, liver cancer , and lung cancer. I believe that many people are not familiar with it. “Oral cancer” and may not even know how to get this disease What is the cause? And what are the symptoms? Health  has brought information for you.

Oral cancer is one of the top 10 cancers that kill people.

oral cancer It is part of the cancer group in the ยูฟ่าเบท group of head and neck cancers, including both squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and adenocarcinoma (Adenocarci noma) or lymphoma. But the latter type is very rare. Most are of the SCC type.

oral cancer Found more in males than females. Especially those who are over 40 years of age.

oral cancer What is the cause?

Like other cancers that cannot find the exact cause But there are factors that increase the risk of oral cancer.

  1. drink alcohol
  2. smoking
  3. Chew betel nut Because it contains carcinogenic substances.
  4. There are sores caused by irritation of the oral mucosa. Sharp/Chipped Teeth Scrape until the mouth wall is sore. and do not receive treatment until the wound has pus, a chronic wound, which may eventually turn into cancer cells
  5. Infection with certain viruses, such as HPV, which causes cervical cancer. By contacting the mouth through oral sex.
  6. Have a history of having cancer in the head area and neck first

Initial symptoms of oral cancer

  1. White or red patches found on the mucosa of the mouth, cheeks, or tongue.
  2. Have sores in the mouth that do not heal for 2-3 weeks
  3. There are bumps or lumps in the mouth. and continues to expand But there is usually no pain.
  4. Loose teeth, loose teeth, or unable to wear dentures This is because there is a tumor growing in the gum area.
  5. Chewing and swallowing food is difficult. Having difficulty chewing and swallowing
  6. Found a wound that wouldn’t heal. and blood flowed abnormally from the wound
  7. Found a lump in the throat This may be an enlarged lymph node from aggressive cancer. But there is usually no pain.

Mouth ulcers may not be internal pain, but “oral cancer.”

How to classify a burn wound Or oral cancer wounds. Simply put, the wound can heal on its own. Or symptoms will improve within a few days or no more than 1 week. The wound will gradually become less painful and dry and the flesh will eventually come together. The more you use the medication, the faster it will heal.

But the wound from oral cancer It will be a fresh wound all the time. There’s no sign of it disappearing. And there may be blood sometimes. It takes 2-3 weeks and it still doesn’t get better.

If such a wound is found You should see a doctor immediately for a thorough diagnosis.