woman with wide forehead What kind of eyebrows should I draw?

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Besides the hairstyle Eyebrows are an important factor that helps us look good. If you have a wide forehead, you can hide it by drawing your eyebrows as well. Ah! If anyone still doesn’t know how to draw eyebrows to fix a wide forehead. Today we have a trick for drawing eyebrows for people with wide foreheads to share with you.

woman with wide forehead What kind of eyebrows should I draw?

1. Make your eyebrows longer.

Longer eyebrows will help disguise a wide forehead. Looks more blended with the eyebrows Helps reduce the size of the gap between the eyebrows and the hairline. Makes the forehead look narrower Disguise your vision so that it is not as wide as before.

2. Make your eyebrows arch.

In addition, it is recommended to draw your eyebrows a little more arched. For people with wide and tall foreheads Because the eyebrows are arched. It will make the top โปรโมชั่น ufabet area that is wide and tall look reduced in size and have less width from drawing camouflage eyebrows.

3. Make your eyebrows full and thick.

And in addition, if someone’s forehead is both wide and high It is recommended to draw fluffy eyebrows. that is popular right now By writing it a little thicker than before. It camouflages the forehead to make it look smaller. from the thickness of the eyebrows