My head is very tight and I have no hair. What should I do?

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women with high foreheads There is no hairline to help hide the broad forehead. Naturally, it is troubling when you have to hold your hair tight. In addition to avoiding this style of hair, People with high foreheads often cut their bangs to hide their foreheads. Which is another way to help. But what we are going to recommend is the following. It’s a simple and safe way to help increase your hairline. The results depend on each person. Let’s try and see.

My head is very tight and I have no hair. What should I do?

Use hair growth serum

people with wide foreheads The forehead area is caused by lack of nourishment. Makes the skin lack nutrients When the hair lacks nutrients, it causes hair loss. Therefore, you should use hair growth serum. Apply to the forehead or hairline to add nutrients to the skin and reduce hair loss Using hair growth serum will help the hairline grow and look thicker, not a wide, bald forehead like before.

Marinated with herbs

Various herbs contain substances that help stimulate blood circulation, such as juice squeezed from butterfly pea flowers, castor oil, and moringa oil. These herbs When applied, massage gently. The forehead or hairline area within 1-2 months will help to have more and darker hair.

Baby oil or Vaseline

It has the ability to add moisture to the skin and pores on the forehead. Applying baby oil or Vaseline Regularly, it reduces dryness and roughness of the skin and hair follicles that are the cause of hair loss. It may cause hair to grow back.

permanent hair transplant

When using hair care methods from the above it doesn’t work. which may be caused by genetics It is probably inevitable that technology must be brought in to help, namely permanent hair transplantation. With the technology of transplanting hair follicles from the back come to the front It will help fill in the ทางเข้า ufabet hair in problem areas to make it look like it has more hair.