“Eyebrow trend 2024” diffuse eyebrow shape Draw your eyebrows without focusing on them exactly, for sure!

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Good eyebrows, great life – bad eyebrows Life is definitely more difficult… Ladies, how much time do you spend putting on makeup ? And which part of the makeup do you spend the most time on? Many people answer with the same voice: “Eyebrows” because they are points that attract the eye. It is not unusual to give importance to this part. Each year makeup trends change. This year, eyebrow trends have also changed.

"Eyebrow trend 2024" diffuse eyebrow shape Draw your eyebrows without focusing on them exactly, for sure!

Because “Eyebrows are the crown of the face,” I will take the ladies to update  “Eyebrow trends 2024” with Mr. M-Nawaphon Wasinthornwisutthi, owner of MDEyebrow Studio , an expert in eyebrow shaping for more than 10 years, designing eyebrow shapes for you. with many celebs and has over 20 years of experience working in the beauty field.

“As for the eyebrow trend in 2024, I can say that it must be diffused, lined up beautifully, but not precise, not sharp, not sharp. It must look soft and smooth, which corresponds to the eyebrow coloring technique that is becoming popular. Soft hair stroke is a new eyebrow coloring technique. Emphasizes beautifully aligned and clear eyebrow hairs. It can be said that it will definitely meet the needs of girls in 2024,”  Khun M suggested.

Eyebrows and Physiognomy
Each year, eyebrow trends change according to the era. Eyebrow change story The physiognomy change is real, but not 100 percent because the eyebrows play a part. When a person’s eyebrows change, it’s like the facial features change. If you enter more Beautiful balance It results in more confidence. Dare to put on makeup Be confident in your own beauty and good things will follow, like works of art that are not just about beauty. But it must be combined with the feeling. Feelings included

Eyebrow shape suitable for Thai people
Most of the customers who come to get their eyebrows done Want to have beautiful, natural eyebrow shape? Most Thai people like Western and Korean eyebrow styles. On the other hand, foreigners like Thai style eyebrows. We recommend that you draw it in the socket of your eye. It will be the most beautiful. Wherever you look at the line of your eyebrows, draw your eyebrows so that they are there. That’s it, you’ll have a beautiful eyebrow shape that suits you.

For drawing eyebrows in 2024, it is recommended to use powder eyeshadow to create a soft, diffused look. For the eyebrow head, mascara is preferred to brush the eyebrow head into beautiful lines. That’s it, the process is complete.

For girls who want to reduce the time they spend drawing their eyebrows every day, you can ask for advice from “Khun M. Nawaphon” at  MD eyebrow studio , located at The portico langsaun, 2nd floor.

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