Bloody feces, risk of 6 most dangerous diseases

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before turning to flush the toilet. You should turn to observe the characteristics of your stool because our health can be easily detected from the feces. Whether it’s size, color, smell or appearance that can be seen from the outside.

clear normal And many people may be shocked when they see bloody stoolsor feces with fresh blood mixed with and that we know each other. There is a high likelihood of hemorrhoids. But in fact There are many other diseases that may start with bloody stools. It’s also more dangerous than hemorrhoids.

Bloody feces, risk of 6 most dangerous diseases

dangerous diseases that start from symptoms “Blood stool”

  1. hemorrhoids

People who are constipated often There will be a risk of this disease than people who can take it normally. If there are frequent hard stools until the feces rubbed against the skin Or the mucous membrane of the anus until the wound. There was fresh blood coming out in drops. or lines with frequent stools In addition to the burning pain in the anus area. There may still be hemorrhoids coming out. Until there is inflammation more severe pain. If symptoms do not improve Should see a doctor for proper treatment. 

  1. colon bleeding

If there is fresh blood or blood clots flowing out of the stool. But there was no burning pain in the anus. Because I don’t have constipation. This may be because it is picked out in the large intestine. If there are minor symptoms, the blood flows out a little. And the blood can stop flowing by itself can wait to see the symptoms at home. But if there is a lot of bleeding, it is best to lie down. Refrain from eating and drinking, and see a doctor at the hospital. 

  1. gastric bleeding or small intestine

Symptoms may start from vomiting blood first. (or without vomiting) then may be followed by bloody stools The blood will be dark until almost black. If there is a lot of blood in the stool, you should refrain from drinking water and food and see a doctor immediately. 


If there is diarrhea, diarrhea and the stool is mixed with mucus strong stench May be at risk of dysentery caused by an infection in the large intestine. Until causing ulcerative colitis, the doctor should have a stool examination to find out the obvious cause at the hospital. 

  1. colorectal cancer _

Cancer will cause ulcers. especially near the anus Therefore, there is a risk of having blood in the transfusion. Colon cancer usually occurs in adults over 40-50 years of age, but it can also occur in teenagers. working age as well The more someone’s family has a history of this disease before. The more risky it is, the better way is to reduce your intake of red meat. Charred grilled food stop smoking drink alcohol and exercise regularly

6.ischemic bowel disease

ischemic bowel disease for many reasons But the symptom is that the blood cannot circulate in the intestines. cause intestinal cells to start to not work until the cell dies and start to rot until there are bacteria Symptoms found are abdominal cramps. May be in so much pain that you will lose consciousness. And there may be an infection in the blood stream that can lead to death. If during abdominal pain there are also bloody diarrhea Indicates that the symptoms start to get heavy. Should see a doctor to make sure. because if some parts of the intestines start to rot Surgery will be required to remove the damaged colon. Then connect the bowels that are still functioning normally together. 

In addition to bloody stools It is a dangerous signal to various diseases. The color of the stool is dark red or almost black. It may come from other reasons such as eating food that contains animal blood as a component. or taking a blood tonic Therefore, if there is a bloody diarrhea or a little blood-like color and no other abnormal symptoms Maybe try eating more fruits and vegetables. drink more water and exercise regularly May improve these symptoms. but if not sure Seeing a doctor for physical examination would be the best ยูฟ่าเบท.