Messi reveals he deserves Man of the Match award

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Argentina’s Ballon d’Or superstar Lionel Messi revealed that his team-mate deserved. The man of the match award after the World Cup semifinals last night

   Lionel Messi paid tribute to his Argentina international team-mate Julian Alvarez. After the Manchester City strikerscored twice in his side’s3-0 semi-final win over Croatia. Last night’s World Cup the 22-year-old became the youngest player. Since Pele in 1958 to score two goals in a World Cup semi-final. with Messi receiving the Man of the Match award for this UFABET game.

Messi reveals he deserves Man of the Match award

         Messi opened the scoring from the penalty spot after Alvarez was fouled by Dominic Livakovic inside the penalty area and the Ballon d’Or seventh star fired in the top corner. confidence Alvarez then scored a superb solo goal, slicking his way from halfway through the pitch before smashing into the penalty area. The ball was deflected, the Croatian defensive line floated towards Borna Sosa, intermittent blocking, giving Alvarez the ball to pass Livakovic.

Argentina then came on goal to bury Croatia in the second half. From the best of Lionel Messi, who fled to the right flank , Yosco Guardiol burned the machine, spun into the penalty area before deducting the point for Julian Alvarez to charge . nothing left It was the fourth game of the tournament in which Messi was awarded the Man of the Match award, although he felt the 22-year-old Alvarez deserved it too.

When asked if he would give the MOTM trophy to anyone else?  The captain of the Argentina team replied, “All the players are doing very well. But if you have to choose I’ll give this award to Julian. He had an amazing game . Saudi Arabia which is one of the lowest-ranked teams in the tournament. But Messi felt that defeat made the team stronger and more united.

   Speaking of the match, Alvarez said: “I’m very happy. Both personally and for the whole group. We played a great game. Now we need to relax and play another great game on Sunday  In an interview with ESPN, the £14.1 million star revealed that the Spaniard was the only one at the club who correctly predicted that ‘Chelsea’ would be the big contenders . Best to lift the World Cup trophy

          “They [players] were in the locker room talking about the favorites to win the World Cup. And talking about Portugal, France, all teams from here (Europe).” “ I didn’t say anything. and Guardiola told them ‘Do you guys know who has the most chances?’ he pointed to me.” Pep Guardiola seems to always know that Alvarez and his compatriots can win the World Cup. can The Spanish coach’s IQ in football is no surprise. Because he is regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all time for some reason.