Hi-Lo online of medium risk

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This one will be a little more difficult to play Hi-Lo online. Along with having to prepare more money as well But it’s still safe. Only the style of play is quite fixed. which are popularly played in two ways:

Hi-Lo online of medium risk

Type 1 bet on a total of 9 points for 3 units, bet on a pair of favorites for 1, 5 and 6, each for 2 units, in total we will spend 9 units of funds in this round. The reason for this UFABET bet is because

  1. If the 1st and 2nd dice come out 1 and 1, even if the last dice comes out 6, only 8 points.
  2. If it comes out 5, 5, 1, the total is 11, or if it comes out 5, 5, 6, it’s 16, and it’s not possible to come out with a total of 9 and 10, so we have to bet on these 2 positions to cover it.

Type 2: Bet on the total of 12 points for 3 units and bet on double favorites for 1, 2 and 6, 2 units each, using the same 9 units of funds. For the reason that this kind of stab is because

  1. If out 1, 1, chances that the sum in that round will be 3 – 8.
  2. If out 2, 2, chances that the sum in that round will be 5 – 10.
  3. If out 6, 6, chances that the total in that round will be 13 – 18.
  4. Given all of this, there’s no chance of coming out with a total of 11-12, so we bet on a total of 12 to cover as much as possible. But if choosing to bet on 11, it’s not wrong.

From these 2 types, there is a chance that we will win 1 in 4 or 25%, but where we have to bet on many positions even though there is no chance of overlapping in one round. Because we want to bet as comprehensively as possible, that’s all.

The reward that will be received Can be divided by events as follows:

If the sum is 9 or 12, it will be a profit of 3 x 6 = 18 units, deducting another 6 units of losing pairs, leaving 12 units from the total investment of 9 units, which means that we get a profit of 1.33 times, considered to be effective. More reward than high-low play, but in line with the risk we accept.

And if winning a pair of favorites, no matter how you play, we will get a profit of 2 × 10 = 20 units, minus the loss of 7 units, leaving a profit of 13 units.

Therefore, anyone who wants to win profits at this level with acceptable risks It is advisable to look for an online Hi-Lo table that offers a double payout of 10:1 or more, if less than this, it will not be worth it.